Pocket '49 For Sale

Colt Pocket '49 for sale. Close-ups of its Stagecoach Holdup Scene are featured on the cover and on pages 71 & 76 of the book Colt Cylinder Scenes.
A Very Fine Colt in crisp, virtually unused condition.


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Arthur Tobias
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Idyllwild, CA 92549
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Ormsby Pocket Signature
Includes the rarely encountered, extremely tiny W. L. Ormsby signature.

It was usually quickly worn from the roller die or later, deliberately removed.
Colt Pocket '49 Left Side
Manufactured in 1856. Barrel has 80% blue including muzzle and lug ends. Cylinder has liberal traces of blue. Vivid case colors on the frame, rammer, wedge and hammer. About 95% silver on backstrap and trigger guard. Excellent one-piece grips with 95% varnish remaining.
Crisp SceneCrisply detailed Holdup Scene. Hammer Face
Unmarred Type 3 hammer face.
Colts Patent
COLTS PATENT and small brass trigger guard.
Pocket '49 Cylinder Pins
Mashed cylinder pins.
Type 2 Bevel
Loading cutout Type 2 Bevel.
Barrel Address
2-Line New York Address.
Colt Pocket '49 Grip
Grab It Here.
Colt Pocket '49 Lug
Barrel Lug, virtually unmarked bore.
Rammer Lever Screw
Rammer Lever Screw is appropriately an "Outtie."