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Colt Cylinder Scenes

... Colt Cylinder Scenes is an absolute necessity for anyone who collects Colt revolvers of the percussion period.
Herbert G. Houze, Book Review Editor, Man At Arms, August 2012

New Chapter Now Available.
The Root of the Matter:
The Cabin and Indian Scene on Colt's Model 1855 Sidehammer Revolver.

Cabin and Indian Scene

A new chapter to complete the survey of Ormsby's major work for Colt. Included as a separate, 20-page pamphlet with new purchases of the book. Also available in the December 2013 issue of Man at Arms magazine, beginning on page 27.

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It's a beautiful production ... I am mighty proud to own a copy. New Jersey

In no time, should a question arise, [collectors] will be told, you must get 'the Tobias book.' Texas

My signed copy arrived today and I am delighted with it! England

I read it cover to cover. Extremely well done!!! California

I wanted to let you know how delighted I was after reading your book this weekend. It is very interesting, well researched and a great story. Australia

Excellent. You are to be congratulated for an excellent piece of scholarship. Nevada

Really outstanding. I love it. Germany

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