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November 17, 2017

Arthur Tobias, Artist
Pine Cove, California

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Arthur Tobias and Recent Work in Pine cove

Art and Recent Work in the Pine Cove, California Studio.

*Medieval French cooking pot, basically a one-handled bean pot. Art's version serves as a large mug.


New from the Pine Cove Studio

Le Petit Coquemar with Manzanita

A Stylized Manzanita Bush Decorates this 6" tall Petit Coquemar

Arthur Tobias works in a variety of materials including clay, plastilina, plaster and bronze, bringing image concepts to life.

Currently Art is engaged in turning his sketches of medieval French tankards (coquemar) into glazed, hard-fired terra cotta shapes with decorative motifs echoing the flora and fauna of the San Jacinto Mountains.


Pine Cone Sculpted Petit Coquemar
A 6" Tall Petit Coquemar with Relief Sculpted Pine Cones and Needles on White Slip over a Dark Red Clay


Arthur Tobias is represented by the Middle Ridge Winery in Idyllwild, California

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Dinner Ware


Arthur Tobias forms a large stoneware jar.

Arthur Tobias forms a 75 lb. stoneware jar with the throw-coil-throw method.